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Too much management vs not enough management

The thin line between feeling suffocated and feeling alone.

Advice    May 10, 2023    Admin    3 minutes

Minimizing Context Switching: A Guide for Developers

Context switching, or the act of moving from one task to another, is a common occurrence in the world of software development. It can be especially frustrating for developers, as it often leads to decreased productivity, increased stress, and longer project timelines. In this blog post, we'll explore why developers hate context switching, how it can impact their work, and offer some effective strategies for minimizing and preventing it.

Advice    May 8, 2023    Admin    3 minutes

The Unfathomable Codex

Short Stories    May 5, 2023    Admin    3 minutes

Recharge Your Mind: The Importance of Active Breaks for Developers

Advice    May 4, 2023    Admin    4 minutes

Building Teams: Who They Are, Not Just What They Know

In today's fast-paced and competitive world, a great technology team is the backbone of any successful business. But how do you build and grow a team that thrives? It's essential to remember that no team or process is perfect, and focusing on who your candidates are, rather than just their knowledge, can make a significant difference. This post will cover key principles and tips for building and nurturing an exceptional technology team that will drive your business forward.

Team Building,People First,Wellbeing
Advice    May 3, 2023    Admin    4 minutes

Top books for learning system design and architecture

System design is a broad topic, here are some of the books that helped me through the process of understanding what is all about

Programmin,Books,System Design
Advice    May 2, 2023    Admin    3 minutes